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How To File Bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri Without Having To Leave Home

Deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy is a big decision. Weighing your different options to determine what is in your best interest isn’t something you should try to tackle on your own. If you decide to press forward with filing bankruptcy, you’ll definitely want professional guidance and help with all the paperwork.

In these challenging times, there is a wide range of comfort levels when it comes to technology as well as whether or not people prefer to meet virtually or in person.

At The Licata Bankruptcy Firm, our top priority is helping our clients make the best decisions and helping them meet their goals as efficiently as possible with respect to their time, individual comfort levels and making sure they understand every step of the process. So we work with our clients to let you choose how to file bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri.

The first step in the bankruptcy process is determining if bankruptcy is the best option for your family and if so, what type of bankruptcy should be filed. Our firm’s free consultations have always been a time to discuss the specific facts of your potential bankruptcy case and engage in proper bankruptcy planning.

We still offer traditional in-person meetings for those that prefer such, but now have a well-developed procedure for both phone consultations as well as virtual consultations via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. You can choose what works best for your family.

Rather than traveling to one of our locations in Branson, MissouriLebanon, Missouri, or Springfield, Missouri you can have the same one-on-one time from your couch, your office, or any other location you choose. Any information we provide to our clients on an in-person basis can also be provided via email or USPS mail, as necessary.

Once your initial consultation is complete and the decision to move forward with filing bankruptcy has been made, we will work with you to obtain all the necessary documents required to complete your petition however you are most comfortable. Any necessary meetings with your attorney can be done via phone or virtual platform.

We also have several options in place to allow for the collection of your documents. There is a physical drop box at our Springfield, location located at 1442 E. Bradford Parkway Springfield, Missouri 65804. This dropbox is secure from theft and weather and is checked multiple times throughout the day. We can also accept documents via fax at any location utilizing our fax number 417-887-8091.

Scanning and emailing documents is now one of the most common methods. With email accessibility from nearly any location, it is a great way to send smaller files. Our clients also have the option to use our secure client portal. This allows any document size and is easily accessed from any PC, Mac, or mobile device. Our secure client portal allows for 2-way communication from our office to your living room as needed.

Upon completion of all the forms that are necessary for filing, your bankruptcy attorney will review your documents with you and then request your signature. Electronic signatures are currently accepted by the Western District of Missouri Bankruptcy Court for legal bankruptcy documents. You will be required to have an email or access to the client portal for electronic signatures. If this is not an option, we will work with you to find another acceptable solution.

Once your bankruptcy documents are properly reviewed and signed, we will file them with the United States Bankruptcy Court. The electronic filing system has been in place for years and allows your case to be filed and your case number to be obtained immediately upon filing. Once your bankruptcy case is filed the legal protection from creditor collections is intact and you are on your way to a bankruptcy discharge.

Every bankruptcy case must be reviewed by a bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee is the individual that oversees the estate of the bankruptcy. This review usually takes place at the Federal Courthouse in your area or bankruptcy division.

But until further notice, these in-person meetings held at the federal courthouse are being conducted telephonically. This means instead of traveling to court, waiting in person for your turn, and meeting with the Trustee in person the entire meeting is held by telephone and can be conducted from a location convenient your you.

Bankruptcy procedures temporarily allow for the entire bankruptcy process to take place from the comfort and safety of your home. As a response to our current health crisis, the Federal Bankruptcy Court has implemented procedures allowing for remote and contact-free bankruptcy procedures. For anyone seeking bankruptcy relief, this means a new method of convenience.

During these times it is more important than ever to show empathy and flexibility in our bankruptcy practice. For more information about how the Licata Bankruptcy Firm can assist in helping you choose how to file bankruptcy, please contact our office.