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Filing Bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri During The Coronavirus

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm is available for in-person meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. We still believe an in-person meeting is the best way to establish a professional relationship.

Our office is following the guidelines in place by our local government as well as the recommendations provided by the CDC to protect the health and wellness of our clients and staff. Our team practices appropriate cleaning and disinfectant procedures during the day. Should you choose to meet with a bankruptcy attorney in person, all safety precautions will be made to ensure a safe and beneficial visit.

However, we understand that during the current pandemic some people might feel more comfortable with virtual communications. Our office has taken the following procedures to allow for a virtual full and complete consultation and bankruptcy filing.

How Do I File Bankruptcy While Observing Quarantine And Social Distancing Rules During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

Dealing with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is especially challenging for those who are filing bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri. Fortunately, many courts have loosened their rules temporarily, making it easier for bankruptcy lawyers to represent quarantined clients. If you find yourself in isolation due to the coronavirus, rest assured that our bankruptcy lawyers are ready to meet the challenge of helping you get out of debt.

Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer During the Coronavirus Outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak, it has become especially important to consult with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.  Many bankruptcy procedures have been temporarily changed to allow debtors to proceed with their bankruptcy filing even while quarantined.

Although in-person consultations are still a possibility with all safety measures in place, some debtors find conducting business virtually to be more comfortable and even necessary due to quarantine requirements.

Our bankruptcy attorneys and staff and are available and equipped to meet the needs of those clients unable to meet in person.

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm offers:

  • phone or video conferencing for attorney/client meetings and document review
  • online, email or secure document portals are available options for submitting documents
  • electronic signature services are available to sign necessary bankruptcy pleadings
  • the availability of a telephonic appearance at the 341 meetings of creditors
  • free phone or video consultations available to discuss your bankruptcy options

Filing for Bankruptcy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

During this COVID 19 outbreak, many will rely heavily on technology to communicate with their bankruptcy lawyer and the bankruptcy court. Having access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone can make this process less cumbersome.  The Licata Bankruptcy Firm in Springfield, Missouri has a secure drop box located outside our office for clients to utilize if you need to bring documents by the office without making contact. Of course, mailing or faxing documents is also an option.

Exchanging Bankruptcy Documents Virtually During COVID-19

Filing for bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork.  Our bankruptcy attorneys will work for you to complete these forms accurately.  There will be specific documents that are required to prepare the bankruptcy petition and to provide to the bankruptcy court.  Your bankruptcy attorney will provide a detailed list of the necessary documents needed at your free bankruptcy consultation.  This list can be provided to you in writing by email, fax, or first-class mail, whatever best fits your needs.

Prior to the coronavirus situation, your bankruptcy attorney would meet with everyone in person to prepare their bankruptcy case.  During this time, some clients are not comfortable with this option, so the Licata Bankruptcy Firm has implemented changes to our procedures to allow for business in a 100% safe, secure, and distanced manner.

“Wet Signatures” Waived by Some Bankruptcy Courts Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Some courts have temporarily relaxed a rule requiring a bankruptcy attorney to obtain an original or “wet signature” on the bankruptcy petition before filing it online with the court. This is very beneficial to bankruptcy lawyers and clients alike during the coronavirus pandemic. It limits the amount of contact required before filing a case.

Debtors can review their bankruptcy documents virtually and with a simple email to provide a binding signature electronically.  If no email is available, then arrangements can be made to sign the documents in person at any of our bankruptcy firm locations.

Telephonic 341 Meeting of Creditors During the Coronavirus Outbreak

After your case is filed, every debtor must appear at least once in the bankruptcy court at a hearing called the 341 meetings of creditors. At this meeting, the bankruptcy trustee appointed to the case checks the debtor’s identification and asks each debtor questions about the petition under oath.

Typically, the trustee schedules a meeting room at the courthouse or at an offsite location. Most meetings have several people present. When considering spouses and attorneys, this may be too many to be considered safe by coronavirus pandemic social distancing standards.

Because of this, trustees have adopted a system to hold the meeting of creditors telephonically.  Once your case is filed, the information for the meeting including the day, time, and phone number will be provided. Your bankruptcy lawyer will be on the phone call with you while the meeting is conducted.  At the time of this blog post, there is no scheduled date for in-person creditors meetings to resume.

During a time of so many unknowns, we take pride in knowing our services remain fully intact.  The Licata Bankruptcy Firm has worked diligently to ensure our bankruptcy law offices in Branson, Lebanon, and Springfield all function just as well virtually as they do in person.

Our staff is fully executing all safety measures including masks, sanitizer, and office cleaning after each client for all in-person visits.  Each office is private and set up to ensure social distancing during your visit.  All safety measures aside, if a virtual bankruptcy appointment or telephonic bankruptcy meeting is a better fit for your needs, we are ready to accommodate.