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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney In Springfield Missouri?

The fear of attorney fees and the common misconception that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is too expensive may deter some people from seeking the debt relief they desperately need. The Licata Bankruptcy Firm has structured our bankruptcy fees to help our clients get an affordable fresh start.

The first steps in hiring a bankruptcy attorney should always involve consulting with a professional. The Licata Bankruptcy Firm offers free consultations to anyone seeking professional bankruptcy services. Our free bankruptcy consultations do not require a commitment to actually filing a bankruptcy case.

The information obtained in your free consultation will often help determine the best course of action for your debts. Bankruptcy consultations are also very useful in planning the timeline for a bankruptcy filing.

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm offers free consultations throughout the Western District of Missouri. If you prefer to meet in person for a consultation we have physical offices located in Springfield, Missouri, Branson, Missouri, and Lebanon, Missouri.

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm is also available to assist debtors in other areas through virtual meetings and by telephone. If you live in an area such as Columbia, Missouri, West Plains, Missouri, or Joplin, Missouri filing bankruptcy with our bankruptcy firm is available by phone or video. The Licata Bankruptcy Firm is designed to meet the needs of anyone seeking our services.

During your free consultation, your bankruptcy lawyer will discuss your filing options and outline the exact fees involved with your case. Since not all bankruptcies are the same, your fees may vary depending on the complexity of your case. At the Licata Bankruptcy Firm, our thorough bankruptcy consultations will ensure you know the exact details and costs for bankruptcy as it applies specifically to your case.

The United States Bankruptcy Court will require a filing fee for each bankruptcy case that is filed. These fees are generally paid to the firm handling your case then paid to the court upon the filing of your case. There are options for paying the filing fee in installments or in extreme circumstances having the filing fee waived altogether.

There are specific requirements for these actions, and this can be discussed at your free consultation. At the time this blog was written (November 2020) the filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case was $335. The filing fee for filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case was $310. These fees will not change unless done so by the United States Bankruptcy Court. These filing fees generally don’t change that often and usually only go up a small amount.

The attorney fees for filing a bankruptcy case will vary depending on the facts of the case. How those fees must be paid will depend on the policies in place by each firm. The Licata Bankruptcy Firm strives to meet the needs of each potential client.

We offer very competitive fees. Since bankruptcy fees are disclosed in the bankruptcy petition generally the fees are generally all about the same. We work with each person individually to establish a plan to make paying the fees as easy as possible.

We understand the burden that another bill might bring to someone already dealing with financial hardships. Our staff of qualified bankruptcy attorneys will discuss all the options available to help you determine the best course of action for your specific situation.