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Guns in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri

One of the most common questions our clients have before filing a bankruptcy case is, “Can I keep my guns?” Until recently, many people chose not to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri for fear of losing firearms. Fortunately, a recent court decision in Missouri expanded protections for guns in bankruptcy cases.

Licata Bankruptcy Firm represented clients that owned two shotguns and a rifle. The bankruptcy trustee appointed to administer the client’s case argued that the guns should not be considered “household goods.” Had the trustee won his argument, the clients would have had to pay additional money into their bankruptcy case. Paige Wright, a bankruptcy attorney in Springfield Missouri, argued that the client’s guns were used for hunting and household protection. Therefore, the clients should not have to pay more money to the bankruptcy trustee. The bankruptcy court agreed and Licata Bankruptcy Firm’s clients were not required to pay any additional money into their bankruptcy case.

This case has been a huge win for our clients. It allows individuals to file a bankruptcy case without fear of losing their guns so long as the firearms are used for hunting or household protection.

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