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Company saved Christmas

This year a very generous and big-hearted group came to my home with lots of presents. They just kept going back and forth bringing more and more in from their vehicle. I was amazed. Trying hard to hold back the tears as they delivered these gifts to our family. I was so dreading Christmas morning this year with just a few things we were going to be able to scrape together this year. The last couple of years have been really tough: foreclosure, deaths, loss of work, the same things a lot of us all are going through. However, this year there is a glimmer and I am hoping we will all grow with it. See, my wife signed us up this year to be adopted or something like that. This group that I started out talking about was from the Licata Bankruptcy Firm, P.C., specifically Marc Licata and a couple of great women and a little boy. I wish I could remember your names to specifically thank you but you all came in and flipped our world upside down. There are so many feelings I have, but the ones that I am trying to express the most are joy and happiness. To you and yours, I wish you a very merry Christmas and that these gifts that you have brought are returned tenfold to each and every one of you. With eyes blurry from tears, a heart full of joy, and a knowing of love, we here in the Bee family thank you.

Ken, Amanda, Thomas, Joceyln and Brenda Bee, Springfield